Johnny Bhive
(This Domain is For Sale!)

John Bower, aka JohnnyBhive, has never owned this domain.  A musician’s greatest promotional tool is a domain name of the band or the artist.  Why doesn’t John Bower utilize the incredible benefits of this domain?  Surely he must know the answer. This domain has been available for many years.

Common sense says; John Bower failed to reach out to even inquire about this domain due to guilt and cowardness. However, it’s also highly possible, Mr. Bower has been unable to purchase the domain due to lack of funds.

It’s been several years – enough time for John Bower to do the right thing – now it’s time to EXPOSE who he really is.

In the past, John Bower, aka Johnny Bhive, was riddled with character flaws.  Naturally, his character flaws help to disappoint and use many people during his journey to be a wanna-be-rockstar.  Mr. Bower is of the illusion that you must use people to get where you want to go.

Well, how’s that working for you, Mr. Bower?

Mr. Bower often uses people to fight his own battles. (He uses the sympathy card.)  This is what con-artists do.

Mr. Bower is stuck struggling and has settled on being a local rockstar in his home town.  He’s now a middle age man.  Even though he tries to look younger – the years have not been good to him.  His thin body, bald head that he always keeps covered and lack of desire to be healthy are obvious in all photos and videos.

Mr. Bower promised to repay thousands of dollars that were used for his potential career.  Mr. Bower borrowed a portion of a man’s retirement fund.  Not a penny has ever been repaid. NOT ONE PENNY!  John Bower simply ignores, disappears and forgets.

John Bower most likely twisted the story to his family members because their hundreds of praises quickly turned into vicious verbal attacks once the CASH faucet was turned off.

Mr. Bower has lied often to other fellow musicians and family members. Mr. Bower has been heard saying to girls and musicians,  “I just returned from an incredible European Tour.”  Mr. Bower has never been to Europe.

Some people call Mr. Bower a con-artist.

Mr. Bower is highly insecure. H lies in order to place himself in a good or better light to his family and others.

Mr. Bower lives more or less a parasitical lifestyle. He simply expects others to take care of him, a grown adult man.

The continuous lies, exaggerations, dishonesty and the need to pretend to be someone he’s not must wear on a man.  A trail of disappointing others to further his career did not appear to work well for him.

After all these years . . . has Mr. Bower ever learned his life lesson? Unfortunately, he appears to be the same person – just an older version. At a quick glance, it appears Mr. Bower intends no harm. However, the reality is; his actions have harmed others – how quickly Mr. Bower forgets.

Remember, a leopard almost never changes its spots.

Does reciprocation mean anything to you, Mr. Bower?

Only serious inquiries concerning the sale of this domain will be accepted.  All haters and trolls will be ignored and trashed.